Tyre Temperature 

Monitoring System

The AmperRacing tyre temperature monitoring System has been specifically designed for racing teams and racing drivers to display the tyre surface temperature in real time, either in a stand alone system or through integration into your data logger system.


real time infrared-video of the tyre

rich system choice

opt. dashboard integration

Tyre Camera product details

The performance of a Racecar is mainly depending on the tyre-deck-temperature. Drivers and Teams do need to understand the tyres before going into the race. A system to help saving money, time and material is the AmperRacing Thermal Tire Camera System.

The AmperRacing Infrared Thermal Tyre Camera System measures the real time tyre-deck-temperature across the surface of your tire with highest special and time resolution.

This helps to understand the dependencies of the tyre-deck-temperature and the tyre degradation on external parameters like:

  • track temperature
  • track consistency
  • air pressure and air temperature 
  • the setup of the car as well as 
  • the drivers driving style

Hence it is a vital tool, to improve additionally your car setup and your driving skills. Safe money on new sets of tyres by using the thermal tyre camera to analyse your tyres and your car setup.

Enable the driver and the engineers to understand the tyres and to quickly improve the car setup and the drivers driving style.
Select your optimal system out of AmperRacing two different tyre camera systems:

    system with WiFi access point for connecting mobile phones or infotainment systems for ambitious drivers

    supporting full integration in standard data acquisition systems for professionals, optional WiFi Box available