AmperRacing App-Tyre-Camera-System consists of:

  • four infrared thermal Tyre-Cameras
  • one central data acquisition unit
  • wiring harness
  • WIFI access point
  • app based monitoring system

Tyre-Camera-System performance parameters:

  • real time thermal imaging of the full tyre width
  • 120° FOV (flied of view)
  • ultra low profile camera approx. 88 x 34 x12mm
  • operating voltage +4.85V to +18V
  • reverse polarity protection 
  • max voltage rating +/-38V
  • std. automotive wiring harness
  • frame rate of 10 thermal images per second
  • +/- 0.5 degC resolution
  • measurement precision up to 1 degC (RMS)
  • 64 measurement points per tyre
  • temperature gradient calculation
  • temperature range 2.5 - 126.5degC
  • App based viewing system
  • set target tyre temperature and color gradient range
  • „waterfall mode“ to show tyre temperature over time

Thermo Tire Camera Web-Applikation 

Central WiFI access point

WIFI-AP and wiring example

wiring harness

example of WiFi WEB-APP in Dashboard